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What You Should Know Before Owning a Labradoodle

What You Should Know Before Owning a LabradoodleYou and your family have fallen in love with an adorable fluffy little Labradoodle puppy and you want to bring him or her home as soon as possible. Before you let the puppy’s cuteness cloud your decision, you will want to know a few things about Labradoodles before making your final decision. Gather your family around for the following details so you can all make decide if the Labradoodle will make a perfect fit for your household.

  • Allergies – Labradoodles shed less compared to other dog breeds, however they are not completely shed-free or hypoallergenic. If anyone in your household suffers from allergies due to pet dander you may want to reconsider adopting a Labradoodle.
  • Special Attention – Labradoodles require plenty of attention. They enjoy companionship and spending time with their family. If you are at work all day or your entire family is always on the go a Labradoodle may not be the right breed for your family.
  • Exercise Requirements – Labradoodles are filled with energy that needs to be burned off through exercise in order to have a well-balanced healthy life. Labradoodles require at least two 45 minute walks per day. This means that you or someone in your household needs to be healthy, energetic and have enough time in their schedule to dedicate to exercise time every day.
  • Lifetime Expenses – The Labradoodles life span is 10 to 15 years. This means you need to be financially secure now and plan to remain that way for the next 15 years. As a Labradoodle owner you will have the financial responsibility for food, veterinarian office visits, medication, dog accessories, emergency pet care and unexpected vet bills.
  • Grooming – Labradoodles need to be brushed at least once a week or more. This will help remove loose hair and prevent hair from matting. You or someone in your household will need to take the time to groom your Labradoodle frequently.

As a dog owner you will want to provide your dog with a healthy, happy lifestyle where they can eat well, drink plenty of water, feel safe and cared for every day. Not paying attention to your Labradoodle or leaving him or her home alone for extended periods of time can cause behavior issues to arise. Labradoodles are happiest when they have almost constant attention, plenty of exercise, play time, cuddle time and the feeling they are part of a family.

If you are absolutely in love with a Labradoodle and also happen to work long hours every week, you can make adjustments to your lifestyle. You will either want to get a pet sitter that will come to your home during the day while you are at work to care for your Labradoodle or you will want to enroll your dog in a local doggy daycare. This will allow you to be a responsible dog owner by meeting all of the needs a Labradoodle requires while at the same time honoring your work commitments. If you choose this option you will want to spend your personal time off from work with your dog so that you can bond and enjoy the beautiful life you provide for him or her.

Photo credit: Sam Hopwell/Flickr

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