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Top 10 Male Labradoodle Names

Top 10 Male Labradoodle NamesChoosing a name for your dog is one of the most important tasks you have as a dog owner. Not only does it need to be a name that is easy for your Labradoodle to learn, but it should also suit his temperament and personality. To help you choose the best name for your Labradoodle, consider the top 10 male Labradoodle names listed below:

  1. Cooper – This male dog name is cute without being cutesy, making it the perfect fit for a Labradoodle. These dogs are definitely adorable with their curly coats and floppy ears, but there is nothing delicate about them!
  2. Bailey – This name brings to mind the cream-colored Irish liquor, making it the perfect name for a Labradoodle with a cream-colored coat. This liquor is also smooth with a bit of a kick which is perfect for a breed like the Labradoodle who is gentle with a bit of a mischievous side.
  3. Lucky – The name Lucky could be a reference to the dog’s fortune at being welcomed into your home or it could describe the way you feel to have him! Whatever the case may be, this male dog name is cute and sweet, perfect for the Labradoodle breed.
  4. Tucker – This name is short and sweet but it can also be a reference to the Australian slang for food. Though each and every Labradoodle is unique, they all have one thing in common – they absolutely love to eat! Labradoodles are also very energetic, so it takes a lot of play and exercise to tucker them out.
  5. Shadow – This name can be a reference to the Labradoodle’s people-oriented nature. These dogs form strong bonds with family and they are often seen following their owners around the house like a Shadow. This is also a good name for a Labradoodle that has black or dark fur.
  6. Buddy – An apt description for a lively and friendly dog breed like the Labradoodle, this name is perfect for a male dog. While every Labradoodle is unique in terms of personality and temperament, it is certain that your dog will become your very best friend.
  7. Sparky – The name Sparky brings to mind a dog with a fiery personality and that is exactly what the Labradoodle is. These dogs are full of spunk and life, eager to spend time with family playing a game or going for a walk.
  8. Teddy – This name is perfect for the Labradoodle because they have soft, fluffy coats and a friendly personality – just like your favorite teddy bear! The name Teddy aptly describes the breed’s warm, affectionate nature as well as his love for cuddling on the couch.
  9. Harley – If you are looking for a name that is short and sweet but still inspires an image of strength, Harley is the perfect choice. Inspired by the motorcycle brand, a Labradoodle named Harley is strong and dependable with a bit of a wild side.
  10. Samson – Inspired by the biblical character known for his strength and his beautiful hair, Samson is a fitting name for a Labradoodle. This name also brings to mind qualities such as loyalty and protection.

Now that you have some ideas you should be well on your way to choosing the best name for your Labradoodle dog. You do not necessarily have to choose a name from this list, but keep these options in mind as you and your family pick a name.

Photo credit: Jeremy Taylor/Flickr

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