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Preparing to Bring Home Your Labradoodle Pup

Preparing to Bring Home Your Labradoodle PupIt’s time! You are about to become a dog owner and you are ready to bring home your Labradoodle puppy. This is one of the most exciting times in a dog owner’s life. Before you run off to pick up your Labradoodle pup and bring him or her home you will want to make a few preparations. The following list will guide you to preparing for the arrival of your new pup.

  • Puppy Proof Your Home – Your pup will be running around your home smelling, licking and chewing on just about everything he or she can reach. Puppy proofing your home is easy but time consuming. You will want to remove all toxic house plants, small objects or anything that can cause harm or injury to your pup.
  • Puppy Proof Your Yard – If you live in a house that has a yard you will want to begin by fencing in the yard and patching up any holes in the fence. Remove any debris and toxic plants, trees and bushes from the yard as well. You can replace toxic greenery with non-toxic and puppy-friendly plants, trees, flowers and bushes. If you have a vegetable garden you will want to create an enclosure to assure your pup won’t run through it and damage your garden. Or, worse eat all of the vegetables and fruits.
  • Choose a Kennel – Labradoodles are standard size, medium size and miniature. Depending on the size your Labradoodle will be as an adult, you will want to purchase a large enough kennel for him or her to easily stand up, turn around and lie down stretched out. All dogs are den animals and feel safe in their kennel. It also will come in handy when you leave the house for brief periods of time and it is a good tool for house training.
  • Food and Dishes – Purchase food and water bowls for your pup to enjoy every meal. You will want to choose a healthy food that provides your pup with all of the nutritional needs required to raise a Labradoodle pup. If you have any doubts on what is appropriate contact your local veterinarian for further guidance.
  • Leash, Collar and Identification Tags – There are a variety of collars and leashes to choose for your pup. They come in a wide range of collars and styles. Find the one that is best suited for your pup and that is the appropriate size. You will want to have an identification tag prepared that includes your pup’s name, your telephone number and address. This will assure your pup will be returned home if he or she gets lost.

Preparing ahead of time will lessen the stress and make your pup’s new arrival more enjoyable. Don’t forget to provide plenty of toys for your pup so that he or she stays busy and is able to keep their mind occupied as well as provide them exercise and play time. Labradoodles are increasingly becoming popular family pets due to their kind disposition and their ability to get along well with children. Enjoy your experience being the proud owner of a Labradoodle.

Photo credit: JD/Flickr

The article, Preparing to Bring Home Your Labradoodle Pup was originally posted on May 9, 2016 and was last updated on May 9, 2016. It was posted in the category, Doodles, General with the Tags: , , , ,

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